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Links to videos you might find interesting

A little different from the usual air show.  What is amazing is that none of those doing aerobatics at ground level got killed (that I know about). 

 Cameron Air Show 2014



F15 breaking up

Interesting video of an F15 breaking up in mid air Click HERE to view.


Cockpit view Landing through thick cloud


Sound On and Full Screen

Known as the land of the long white cloud, so if you fly into NZ you could well encounter this scenario.

Hold on to your seat.

 This is spectacular. I often have wondered why the airline industry doesn't have a live video feed from the aircraft's nose streamed into the cabin in order  to amuse and bedazzle their weary travelers.   

This is the descent into Queenstown, New Zealand. It must take great faith in your instruments to pilot an approach like this but the rush must be amazing. Click link to view.




UNMANNED (!!!) Figher X-47

This is something special, an unmanned Navy aircraft being launched at sea and recovered.
From the appearance of the carriers’ crew none seemed to be a little nervous about being that near launch and recover of the aircraft.
Seems like they have worked a lot of the problems in making it safe for use on the carrier.
Sea test of an unmanned fighter launch and recovery from the USS Geo Bush.  To view this video please click HERE.


Fancy a v12 in your model
Follow the build of a tiny V12 working engine.
 Click HERE to view


Birds eye video of Felthorpe field.

Click HERE to view.


So you think you can fly model planes? Watch this guy!!!!

Click HERE to view


Ultimate flying formation  Click HERE to view


Some aerial video over the broads with my quadcopter by Paul Sergent.

There are a number of videos available to view HERE please feel free to look at as many as you wish.




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